The Cancun tax: a new tax measure for tourists in Mexico

The Mexican government recently announced a new tourist tax for international visitors to Cancun. The purpose of the tax is to finance tourism development projects and to preserve the environment. How can we define the Cancun tax? What is the Cancun tax? Cancun tax Mexico is a new tax measure impose... See more

Top 5 things to know about Malta

Malta is one of the smallest states in Europe famous for its rich historical heritage.  Made up of many islands, Malta is a true festival of beauty that amazes many travelers every year.  Have you heard of Malta and would you like to learn more about this Mediterranean archipelago?  Here are 5 thing... See more

Verus International signs contract with Games on Food

Verus International inc., on the 28th of December has announced that the company its wholly owned subsidiary, Big League Foods Inc., entered a letter agreement with both ACG Global Solutions and Games on Foods, Inc. For certain consideration BLF has agreed to sell, transfer and assign all of BLF’s a... See more